Best Yoga Exercises For Constipation

yoga for constipation relief pose

Practicing yoga for constipation relief can help you with gas and moving waste through the system while relieving your bloating. You may already know that yoga has benefits in terms of relaxation that can help you achieve body and mind recreation.

But some yoga poses can also help you eliminate waste when you suffer from constipation. Some poses can relieve constipation and can also help with other digestive problems.

Practice Yoga For Constipation and Gas Relief

yoga for constipation relieve pose

Some poses can release the pressure of the lower torso. You can achieve these with various movements but some of the most effective poses are even recommended by some specialists:

Seated Position

The classic seated meditation position is one of the best poses for relaxation. It can act to relieve pressure from the digestive system. For a correct position you need to be seated with your legs crossed and your back straight.

You can even elevate your chest slightly to take some pressure off the lower back. You can stay in this position for up to 10 minutes with practice.

Through the exercise, you need to pay attention to your breathing. You need to control breathing and just focus on yourself.

Wind Removing Pose

As the name suggests, this pose is designed for gas flow from the inside to the lower torso. For a correct position, you need to lay straight on the floor.

You can raise one leg at a time or even both legs and hold next to the chest for 30 seconds. You can then repeat the move with the other leg. If you choose both legs you can relax for a few seconds and then perform the move again.

Make sure your back is straight and that you look at the ceiling for a correct position.

The rhythm of the move can stimulate the bowel and improve the gas flow. Make sure you take your time when you perform the move.

You can repeat the pose a few times for each leg.

Seated Twist

yoga exercise for fast bloating relief

The seated twist can also be useful are a proper gas flow. When you are constipated you need to relax your body in order to regain the normal functions.

To begin you have to be in a seated position with your legs straightened. You can then raise the left knee and come with your right elbow over slightly pushing on the knee.

Maintain this position for 20 seconds and then repeat with the other knee and hand. The twisting movement can help you with gas flow and it will also work the intestines from a different angle.

Supine twist

Another great twisting movement that you should consider if you have constipation is the supine twist. This deeply relaxing movement uses the same principle as the seated twist, only from a different angle.

This time you need to by lying down. Then you need to draw the right knee across the body to its maximum point. Your right hand will go away from the body stretching the spine.

The combination of stretching and twisting may be of use for the intestines and constipation symptoms.

The Downward Facing Dog

yoga exercises for gas relief

This simple position might be one of the most effective poses you might try for your constipation issues. Your final pose should be a relaxing position which you can hold for up to a minute to achieve deep relaxation.

To start you need to be lying on the ground on the belly with the arms and legs pointed away from the torso. You then need to raise your bottom while keeping a straight back and resting on the hands and feet.

Make sure you keep your lower back straight as you should not feel any pressure when performing the movement. You might feel a mild stretching in the hamstrings while performing this move the first couple of times until your body adapts.

This position can be held for up to one minute. You need to ensure you focus on the breathing. As you move the center of gravity from your hands to your legs you will release the pressure from your lower back which will make the pose more enjoyable.

Make sure you look downwards and don`t turn your head to the sides putting extra pressure on the spine.

Yoga can have a positive impact on improving your posture but it can also benefit you with constipation. It can work the intestines from different angles while also improving gas flow.

The poses will also help you control your breathing and achieve a state of relaxation which will benefit your body`s need to reclaim normal functions in normal parameters.

For deep relaxation try the poses outdoors. The fresh air will help you focus on proper breathing techniques that have the ability to relax the whole body.

You also want to approach these yoga exercises for constipation relief slowly and by building intensity gradually as you want to avoid injuries. Also improving your daily diet to help your constipation.

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