Superb Workout Plans for Women

When you look or workout plans for women you can find thousands of programs promising you the best results in the shortest period of time. This is far from the truth. If you want the best results you need to know it will take time and effort.

You will make mistakes along the way and you`ll also learn how to listen to your body when to train harder, what to eat and how to rest properly.

This being said, getting in shape is possible and you need to have a clear goal on what you want to achieve. Having a goal is important as you will build your workout around this goal.

Not all workouts are the same as they deliver various results.

Workout Plans for Women

Losing weight workout plan

Losing weight seems to be the first concern for women getting into fitness. This is understandable, with our modern, sedentary, lifestyles.

Often times, losing weight means you`ll also have to battle years of psychological accommodation to certain lifestyles. For example, you might not see the results you want as fast as you want.

The truth is that losing weight is often times associated with changing your nutrition and getting active. This means that in the years prior to this you have been used with certain types of foods that now need to be changed with healthier alternatives.

So how does a workout plan look for women looking to lose weight? These plans usually involve cardio workouts combined with some strength training.

Cardio routines are important because they keep your heart rate elevated for longer, making them the first choice for losing weight.

Strength training is also important because it builds muscle. In turn, muscles help you burn fat at a faster rate. This is why muscular people can lose fat faster.

A typical workout routine would involve around 5 days of training per week. The number of workout sessions can depend however on your own physical characteristics.

Some people can train for 6 days per week while others will struggle with just 3 days. Ideally, you want to set yourself up for at least 5 training sessions per week. Out of these 5 sessions, two can be strength training and 3 can be cardio training.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – Cardio

Tuesday and Thursday – Strength training

In the cardio workouts, you would include exercises like running, cycling or rowing. These types of exercises have been shown to deliver the best results in terms of fat burn.

Strength routines can be kept simple. One day you can focus on your pushing movements (triceps, chest, quads) and the other day you can perform pulling movements (back, biceps, hamstrings). For the best results, you can increase repetitions for each set.

Toning Workout Plans For Women

If you are looking for a toning workout plan you probably want to maintain your current fitness level.

This can be done by calculating your daily calories and keeping them around the recommended limit. Together with a targeted meal plan, you will have to perform a similar routine ton the one above.

The change will be in the number of strength days. So you will increase strength training to 3 or 4 times per week. You also want to keep an eye on the duration of your cardio workouts as you want to avoid dropping weight.

Ideally, your cardio and strength routines should not be longer than 45 minutes.

You may also want to increase the calories from your weight loss routine. And this is the perfect time to start introducing some complex foods into your nutrition plan. Healthy fats like avocados are recommended. You may also eat fruits and focus on high-quality fibers like oats to fuel your metabolism.

Gaining weight workout plan

If you`re trying to gain weight you need to make sure it`s muscles and not fat. Fat is easy to store, as it just requires eating non-healthy food and lying around.

Gaining muscle is a bit more complex and will require you to eat good, quality, foods which are rich in proteins and carbohydrates. Gaining weight will also mean you need to lower your exercise repetitions and increase the weights.

So how does a workout week look for women looking to gain weight?

Monday – Push day

Tuesday – Pull Day

Wednesday – Leg Day

Thursday – Push Day

Friday – Pull day

Saturday – Leg day

workout plans for women

This simple routine will mean you will hit your targeted muscle groups twice per week. These have been shown to bring the most benefits in terms of muscle gains.

A push day will have you focused on all the exercises involving pushing muscles. These exercises include: bench press, triceps extensions, and a shoulder press. The idea is that these muscles work together for pushing movements so you want to train them together.

A pull ay will have you focused on major pulling exercises. These exercises include seated rows, bicep curls or face pulls. You can perform two exercises for each muscle group before moving to the next group.

A leg day will have you perform leg exercises like squats, lunges or box-jumps. You can perform 4-5 exercises on this day.

Make sure to go heavy, with a maximum of 8 repetitions for each set. Heavyweights have been shown to bring the best results in terms of muscle gains.

Together with lifting heavy weights, you need to increase your caloric intake. So if your recommended intake is 2.000 calories per day you can go up to 2.200 calories each day to support the muscle growth.

 Make sure you eat plenty of proteins and carbohydrates each day. Carbohydrates should come from healthy sources like whole-grain pasta or sweet potatoes.

Women usually have a harder time getting in shape and building muscle due to the lower testosterone levels in the body.

But this does not mean you should give up on your fitness goals. It just means you have to be focused on what you want and on how you are going to achieve that goal in the most natural way possible.

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