Unrefined Sugar vs. Refined Sugar and The Risks


Unrefined sugar has been thought of as a harmless product to consume, dietitians are against refined sugar, and they strongly suggest the use of other alternatives like sweetener and unrefined sugar.

If we take a minute to think about why they tell us that white sugar is bad, we could realize that even the sweeteners are unhealthy.

Sugar comes from a plant and after they finish the extraction, they have to do chemical and mechanical procedures to clean and prepare the product to be sold.

This method obviously changes the natural properties of this food and can make it more harmful.

Usually, every carb is transformed into acid when is inside our stomach, but not every carbohydrate it’s going to have the same intensity, everything will depend on the quantity of sugar this has.

That means the more sugar it has, the more acid it’s going to be the final product.

These acids are going to be produced also into our mouth, that’s why the dentist blames the candies and every other product with sugar for the creation of tooth cavities.

The sugar is really bad for us, and if you consume it often you can develop a serious case of gastritis or acid reflux.

The other problem that might be a serious one is that every person that abuses their sugar intake is at risk of getting diabetes.

Every single problem that refined sugar has, can be solved by avoiding it and instead consume just the unrefined sugar. This last one is healthier for our bodies, and it’s more pure, and natural.

But there is only one thing that is not solved by consuming this type of carb. And what we’re talking about is getting Diabetes. To Counterattack diabetes, is recommended to look into ketogenic diets.

Yes… You can develop this pathology with even this pure product. Therefore the only logical solution would be the sweeteners or just to have a balanced life.

What exactly is the unrefined sugar?

In case you didn’t know, this popular ingredient can be found through many sources, like honey, agave nectar, brown rice syrup, maple sugar, cane juice, date sugar, molasses and of course every fruit. It basically represents the natural way of sweetening food.

Why should you choose unrefined sugar instead of refined sugar?

We basically just told you some of the main reasons, but we are going to tell you more about this.

You already know that refined or white sugar is the bad one, even though it is the one sugar that every person prefers, due to the addictive flavor and the incredible amount of delicious foods in the streets we can eat.

Obviously, if the restaurants prepare their food with natural and clean sugar, we would totally enjoy it more, but there is a reason why this is not happening, and it’s that this type of sugar is not cheap at all.

So many restaurants and even persons choose the harmful one and that’s due to either the cost or the lack of knowledge about the effects on each one.

Unrefined sugar has tons of nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and iron, which is really good for us.

What are the Dangers of Ingesting it?

refined sugar cons and pros vs unrefined

Like everything in life, this needs to be taken with moderation, which means that we cannot abuse the intake of any type of sugar, Even if this is a healthier one.

As you that even water in higher doses could be dangerous for us, and we wouldn’t even think of a reason that could harm us.

Another problem with choosing sugars is that it might be a little more difficult to find the preferred choice at the supermarkets.

Now if you are thinking that the common honey that they sell, will work for you, you are wrong. That honey is the only syrup that some companies prepare with white sugar, therefore it is basically the same.

If you are trying to find natural and healthy honey, you should always check the bottle and tag that says natural bee honey.

The other bad thing is that you are not going to be able to eat this product if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic and only will tolerate the sweeteners.

We know that it’s impossible to cut completely the white sugar intake because almost every food on the market has tons and tons of it.

We also know that everyone has cravings sometimes, and a cookie or a candy bar is just what we need to end the day.

Advice to avoid white sugar:

  • You have to be really aware of the nutritional labels in order to see exactly the value in grams, of the sugar content.
  • Try to eat less in restaurants or at junk food chains, only because those are the principal places where refined sugar is used.
  • Be careful choosing your snacks, and if you pick something sweet, try to do it in a healthy way. You have to see that this snack doesn’t have many grams of the sugar and if it does, try to eat it just twice or once per week.
  • Watch out for the cereals you pick for breakfast. A delicious bowl of cheerios with milk may sound tempting, but a healthy cup of Muscly or any other fiber-rich cereals is the best choice.
  • If you are going to eat sweet, then try just eating an apple, or perhaps a delicious banana, you will not regret it.
  • If you are one who loves salty food, you have to be on guard too, because, some of these foods, also have a little bit of sugar to intensify the salty flavor.

Our general advice is that everything is bad if you drink it or take it in massive quantities.

Therefore if you really enjoy a dessert or just like the sweet food because you are a sweet tooth person, you can have one or even more candies per week.

Always try to keep a balance in your life and remain focus on your golds. You also can try changing the white sugar for unrefined sugar.

Sometimes we can eat too much of it because at that moment we are not thinking clearly the consequences, but if this is your case, then don’t freak out yet, because, the solution is really easy.

When the body gets lots of sugar and carbs inside its organism, there is going to be a sugar rush and followed to that, there will be an insulin rush to control the sugar levels.

But there is one way to eliminate the effects of the refined and harmful product, that would be working out every day in that week to increase the insulin production, which will eliminate the excess of glucose in our blood and the sweat will make our body to eliminate the toxins consumed through the white sugar.

The last advice only applies if you have normal or good health, but if you are diabetic, you have to go to your doctor, because your body is insulin resistant, which means, you can produce it but that will not make a change in your glucose levels.

Please make sure to share this post with your friends, in order to spread the word and avoid the constant intake of the wrong type of sugar.

We don’t want this ingredient for future generations, and if we work together we can make it happen. It a good practice to cleanse your liver and detox your body every so often to stay healthy.


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