Natural Air Freshener Tips DYI Style

natural air freshener DYI at home

There is nothing wrong with expecting a sweet, natural air freshener for your home or workplace. Most commercial and popular scent products are loaded with artificial chemicals that contribute to unhealthy and noxious indoor air and usually only mask an underlying problem.

If you have asthma, bronchitis, allergy, or other conditions, then you must know that those commercial air fresheners can be harmful to your lungs, eyes, throat, and skin.

Rather than eliminating odors, they usually mask them through coating your nasal passages by using oils to decrease your sense of smell.

So, what can be the best choice at this point? The answer is common to us- natural, homemade air fresheners.

You can create your favorite aromas at home without using any chemicals.

Natural Air Freshener List

They will provide your house or flat more pleasant smells as well as will improve your mood. You just have to go for a deep breath! So, let’s explore natural air fresheners.

Keep Fresh Flowers in Your Room

flowers as  a DYI natural air freshener

Fresh flowers are a wonderful, natural way to refresh the smell in your home. They add a fresh, pleasant aroma to your room.

You can keep fresh plants and flower bouquet in your house. Some fragrant flowers are- freesia, lavender, lily, peony, roses, stock, hyacinth, lilac, etc.

They bring cheerfulness and a light scent as well as help to remove the harmful toxins from the air to every room in your house.

Lemon, Vanilla Extract, Thyme, and Mint

The fresh smell of thyme usually merges with mint and lemon. Take a jar and place lemon slices on it. Pour them in water. Now, add a few fresh small stem of thyme and mint.

Also, you can try dried leaves of mint and thyme as they are easily available in your nearest supermarket. Add 2 drops of vanilla extract in the jar.

That’s all. You will start exploring a fresh smell all over the room.


Storing a little container of the vinegar in your house is a useful method to eliminate stubborn odors.

Take a spray bottle and mix one part vinegar and four parts water together. Now spritz it in your room. This will freshen as well as disinfect the air also quicker. In your stove, boil 1 tbsp vinegar in 1 cup of water.

Once you are finished, your kitchen will start smelling the fresh, pleasant scent, and also your pot will be sanitized.

Hang A Herbal Wreath

An herbal wreath is prepared from the natural herbs so that they are highly aromatic. You can purchase this or make it yourself.

It produces the natural scent of the herbs. Having an herbal wreath will add texture and color to the wall of your room as well as bring a bit of natural appeal too.

Baking Soda For Home Odor

Baking soda is a common cooking ingredient that is known as a natural odor absorber you can use for home, car or other.

People like to use baking soda to fight strong odors in the fridge or to get smells out of the fabric.

You can make homemade natural air freshener by using your favorite essential oil with baking soda.

Check the following steps:

  • Take a glass jar and then fill it half with the baking soda.
  • Now, add few drops of your favorite essential oil in the jar.
  • Make some holes in the top of the jar by using a nail or hammer. If you wish, you can make a random group of holes. If you are craft-minded, then draw out a design, but ensure that they are evenly sized.

Keep the jar in the corner of your room, and this will spread out a great smell.

However, if you are known as a pet lover, and you have a pet in the house, then make sure that you are filling 1/4 of the jar with baking soda as large amounts can cause electrolyte abnormalities to your pet.


You will find lots of commercial orange air freshener in the supermarket. They contain artificial ingredients and chemicals that can affect your health.

However, orange is a popular fruit that can also be used as a natural air freshener. Pierce an orange with clove to get a fruity fragrance.

Take some pomander ball in hand and place them in the area which will increase the drying process like a warm windowsill.

This will help to strengthen the scent.

Spider Plant

This durable specimen with lots of gorgeous foliage and tiny white flowers comes from tropical Africa.

It is excellent at cleaning the air as well as spreading a fresh, pleasant fragrance. It fights benzene, xylene (that is utilized in the printing, leather, and rubber industries), formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide.

The spider plant is a safe houseplant. So, you don’t need to worry if you have pets in your house.

Ground Coffee

Take a bowl. Dry some coffee grounds and put them in the bowl. Now keep this in the corner of your room.

Wait for the result! You will be amazed.

It will provide a fresh smell to your room immediately. You can ask a nearby coffee joint to get the coffee grounds.


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