Avoiding Muscle Knots In Your Back

muscle knots in your back

Muscle knots in your back can make your day miserable as they can create discomfort in the neck and legs as well. The cause of them is still a big mystery but we know that what we do extreme physical things like sitting at a computer for hours or doing intense workouts for hours we are prone to some muscle knots.

Sometimes we even unconsciously acknowledge them by touching our neck to relax it after a few hours at a laptop.

It has to be said that muscle knots occur all over the body. But some spots are particularly vulnerable due to larger muscles involved. This is true for the back muscles and the trapezius.

As you can see, these muscles are related to the posture of the body. This is why many people with desk jobs often complain about knots in the upper or lower back.

The treatment of muscle knots in your back

Whenever you have a muscle knot you might feel the need to touch it. This is why applying pressure can release the pressure, making the pain fade.

Top tips for applying pressure on the knots:

  • If you have knots in unreachable areas you can ask someone to push against them
  • If you have a particularly hard knot you can use a hard object like small balls to ease the pain
  • For lower back knots you can use a floor roller to massage the area
  • Apply heat for difficult knots using hot stone or a metal cup which can be heated on the stove

How to prevent muscle knots

back pain muscle knot

These small steps are a good idea on how to act when you feel a knot. But you should also consider making permanent changes to your lifestyle which will allow you to get fewer knots in the future.

Drink plenty of water

Proper hydration has been linked with muscle performance. You need to make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

You should strive for a minimum of 8 cups of freshwater each day. This will not only keep the knots away but it will improve the functions of the body.

Stop drinking alcohol

Alcohol can strongly dehydrate the body. It can also block protein synthesis and proper nutrition. This is why many alcoholics are very thin as they start to lose body mass.

Get active

This is one of the best advice you can get. Active people tend to have fewer back problems. You don`t necessarily need to join a gym. You can go for long walks, light runs or may consider playing tennis.

An active lifestyle is not something you only do on the weekend. You should also consider making some small changes to your daily routine. You can take the stairs instead of the elevator.

You can park further from the store and you can even carry your grocery shopping instead of using a dolly.

An active lifestyle can also involve family members. If you are a parent and complain about the lack of time for proper exercise you can involve your kids in fun and physical activities.

You can go to a park rather than to a mall for your evenings out or you could join a class with your kids. Make sure you check your local online meet-up groups for the best ideas on how to spend time with your kids while exercising.

Improve the posture

Your posture has a massive impact on the way your muscles relax. When you have a desk job or a job that requires you to stand for hours, you need to ensure your posture is correct.

This might be hard to correct in time so make sure you take active measures that can help you remember to correct your posture. You can leave a post-it note on your desk or you can use an app for your smartphone.

Consider your calcium intake

Calcium has been linked to muscle knots and you need to ensure your levels are ok for your weight and age.

Calcium goes hand in hand with Vitamin D which you can absorb by spending more time outside in the sun.

It makes sense that people who spend less time outside due to their desk jobs have problems with Vitamin D and calcium levels so you need to ensure you spend some time outside each day.

If you are coming to the age where calcium is not easily absorbed, you can talk to your nutritionist about calcium supplements.

Make sure not to take more than the recommended dose each day as too much calcium can come with some side effects.

One of the best methods to prevent muscle knots in your back or other areas of your body is to have an active lifestyle. Even if you work at a desk job you need to ensure you spend at least 45 minutes with relaxing physical activities each day.

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