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Can A Lemon Water Diet Help You Lose Weight?

lemon water diet

The Lemon water diet has been recommended to maintain a healthy immune system or to lose weight. Lemon water or lemon juice has been prescribed by medics because of the major benefits it brings to your health, not just to losing weight.

The top benefits of lemon water

Lemon is a good source of C, A and B Vitamins. It is also rich in fibers, carbohydrates, and pectin. It is recommended either in water or juice for various digestive problems.

But there are also other benefits, let’s have a look at some of the most popular:

Lemon juice improves digestion

Lemon has the capacity to stimulate your liver. It can produce more bile which can improve the overall digestive process.

It can also work to flush toxins from the body and this is why lemon juice is used in detoxification diets.

Lemon water can improve the immune system

Having lemon water on a regular basis boosts the body`s Vitamin C intake which can highly benefit the immune system. Lemon is used against regular colds or in the wintertime to boost the immune system.

Lemon water improves your mood

Lemon is one of the few foods which have more negative ions that react with the positively charged ions from the body. It provides you with energy every time.

The scent of the lemon has been proven to provide a relaxing effect on the mind and on your general well-being. Lemon has been used to fight anxiety and depression.

Lemon can aid with weight loss

An American study found that pectin, found especially in the peel of the lemon can eliminate the need to eat for up to four hours.

This is why lemon juice has been used in so many diets as it can scientifically stop the urge to eat, at least for a few hours.

How to start a lemon water diet?

drinking lemon water for diet

There are many types of lemon water diets. Some include the water into your daily meals while others can get as far as only choosing lemon drinks as your caloric intake.

This kind of diet is also known as “cleanse” or “detox”. Such a diet usually goes through a 5-day cycle.

In the first couple of days, you lose any processed foods from your diet. You replace these foods with other liquid-form foods like creams soups.

On the third day, you only drink lemon water. For the remaining 2 days, you will do the opposite going thorough liquid meals back to solid foods.

This diet in itself is not all bad. Basically apart from the day in which you only drink lemon juice, the other days can have balanced meals, even if in the form of soups.

A more sustainable form of having lemon water is to include it in your weekly meal plan. You can drink lemon water every morning. You can add lemon juice to a warm glass of water.

You can buy lemons in bulk to get the cost down as they can be kept at room temperature for up to 10 days. You can even keep them in the freezer for a few months.

One tip is you can freeze the lemon juice as lemon does not lose its properties quickly. When you are making lemon water and need as much juice as possible it`s a good idea soak them in warm water. You`ll get more juice this way.

Another good tip to follow when buying lemon juice is to look for small lemons with thin peel which are more likely to be juicier than bigger lemons with thick peel.

How to balance the diet?

One important thing to remember is why you want to go on a lemon water diet in the first place. Since lemon juice diets are recommended for a detoxification you need to asses this problem in the first place.

What can you do to live a healthier life? You don`t need to get to the point where all you can have is lemon juice. You can start small, by eating a balanced diet which includes fruits and vegetables which contain plenty of antioxidants which will “clean” your body naturally.

All these fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and fibers that can balance your immune system and overall healthiness.

Whether you choose to go on the 5-day lemon water diet or choose to include lemon juice into your daily meal plan you need to remember to eat a balanced diet.

A solid diet with added lemon water will boost your energy levels and will ensure your body gets all the nutrients it needs.

But you need to keep in mind that having lemon water every day can diminish your appetite, so drink it in moderation or don`t skip essential meals throughout the day.

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