Honey Health Benefits You Should Know

best honey health benefits

Honey has been used for centuries sweetening, but the honey health benefits that come from consuming honey are amazing, beyond providing great nutritional value.

If sourced from qualitative sources, honey can also be used in the treatment of many conditions.

The process of making honey is very complex. It is believed that bees sustain life on earth and if they were to stop existing life would disappear in a few years.

It takes thousands of bees and plants to produce a jar of honey and this is why we need to understand the complexity of the process itself before we truly understand the health benefits

Honey boosts energy

There are many studies showing that honey is a great energy booster. This is why it is recommended to be consumed even early in the morning when your body needs the energy to go through the day.

The fructose from honey is rapidly digested and it goes into your circulatory system making it a good and fast source of energy.

Honey and colds

Honey is one of the top foods for people with colds. If you have any throat conditions like coaching, you might be aware of the benefits of honey to ameliorate the issue.

It can be added to teas and drank regularly to suppress the coaching. But honey is also used with sinus problems.

For example, even hundreds of years ago, people would use honey in steam rooms to improve breathing.

Today, honey is used in a similar process which can be called aromatherapy.

Honey improves sleeping

As said before, honey can be used in the morning to boost energy levels. But it can also be consumed at night to help you sleep.

It is believed that honey raises the insulin levels in the body, making you more relaxed and with a better state of mind.

This, in turn, can promote sleep. So this is why many doctors can recommend patients with sleeping problems to consume teas with honey before bedtime.

Honey as a skin cleanser

Honey is also used in the beauty industry. There are thousands of products based or which contain honey.

Research shows that honey can have a positive impact on skin cleansing with conditions like itchiness or redness.

Honey may also be used in anti-aging products and even in hair products. There are many uses in the beauty industry for honey and it seems that combine with other ingredients they can provide tangible results.

Other Honey Health Benefits and the Immune System

This is one of the most popular benefits of honey. Many people only consume honey during the cold winter months when the immune system is under a lot of stress from viruses.

A good preventive treatment can involve consuming a teaspoon of honey every day to help protect your body against viruses and bacteria.

A professional tip here is to take the teaspoon early in the morning on an empty stomach.

This will ensure the honey will actually be digested and it is preferred to taking it after a meal.

Honey can also be added to drinks such as teas. You can also make the ultimate immune system smoothie with honey and berries to benefit fully from the antioxidants.

If you don’t like desserts too much you can also cook with honey. There are many recipes that can let you add honey to your meals.

For example, you can add honey and cinnamon to your mashed sweet potatoes to boost your immune system with antioxidants, help your stomach with enzymes and feed the body with carbohydrates.

Benefits For Skin

Honey has been successfully used in some skin conditions such as burns and infections.

Even from ancient times, honey has been seen as a one-in-all solution for burns. If you don’t have any other products at hand you may use honey to treat some mild burns.

You may even use the antibacterial properties of honey to treat infections. There are many antibacterial compounds in honey and they have been shown to work with various skin infections.

Honey can also be used against skin redness or itchiness. This is why we see more and more shaving products which contain some percent of honey.

Honey helps with digestive issues

Honey can be consumed as a solution to various stomach issues. The antibacterial properties might help you with some mild infections.

But the enzymes in honey make your digestive system run smoother. This is why many specialists recommend honey in the treatment of certain conditions like acid reflux.

Honey increases libido

Honey has also been used for centuries for low libido. There are many ways in which people around the world use honey to increase the natural sex drive.

One of them is by mixing honey with red wine, which has its origin in history.

But honey in itself can indeed influence the determining hormones in both females and males.

For females, honey can boost estrogen while for males honey can boost testosterone production.

Honey is the ultimate sweetener

If you’re looking for a natural sweetener, honey may indeed be the best choice you can have at any moment.

You can add honey to your favorite desserts or drinks such as tea or coffee without having to worry about the source of the product.

This, however, is true only if you know where to buy the best honey. Ideally, you want to stay away from processed honey.

You may even want to stay away from honey with added additives which abound in modern supermarkets.

The best honey doesn’t need any additives, it can be consumed even after years just by heating it up.

These are the top honey health benefits, but there are even more. Some of them are just being researched.

But honey may be consumed even without these benefits as a natural sweetener.

If you’re prescribed honey for treatments such as with digestive issues, make sure you source the best form of honey you can find.

In some cases, you may not even need to travel far to get a natural source of honey as there are bees with any good field of flowers.

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