Home Remedies For Burns You Should Know

lavender oil is one of many home remedies for burns

Burns are injuries to the skin caused by contact with the heat directly. There are home remedies for burns, but not all burns. There are 2 types of burns, which can be considered as minor burns or serious burns.

The burns that can be treated with home remedies are minor burns, the serious burns, on the other hand, can only be performed first aid for victims a little more support while reaching emergencies.

Types of burns are also divided into 3

  • First degree burns:

Burns that refer only to the outer layer of the skin, causing pain, redness, and swelling

  • Second degree:

Burns to the outer layer and under the skin causing pain, redness, inflammation, and blisters

  • Third level:

Burns that reach the deepest and cause dark or whitish skin that can be stiff.

Home remedies for burns

We would like to suggest that home remedies are only ideal when the burns are mild or first degree; if this is the case, then below is a list of effective home remedies to treat burns:


Pour cold water on the burn, if it is not very large or is very red, is ideal, by holding the hand over a steady stream of cold water will help remove heat from the wound and prevent the burn to burn deeper.

To achieve this it’s important to apply a quickly as possible at the time of the burn.

It is also recommended to do it from time to time or to use water compresses, as well as to make the pain gradually disappear.


Milk is perfect to eliminate the pain of minor to third-degree burns; all that you need to do is soak the affected areas in the milk for a period of at least 20 minutes.

If it’s difficult you can also make milk compresses for the same period of time or until there isn’t any pain.

Lavender oil

What you must do is to cool the affected area or burned area with water and then apply the oil dropping a few drops in the area, with cotton or simply with the finger with small and gentle touches, using generous amounts to ensure that the entire area well covered.

You can also use gauze a little larger than the affected area, and then change it at least 4 times a day.


Another very effective home remedy to relief burns is potatoes since these can act as a sedative and anti-irritant. There are several ways you can use potatoes:

The first is cutting and letting the juice of the potato pass through the affected area and it will reduce the chances of future bubbles and relieve the pain.

The second way is to cut the potatoes and wash them in cold water for a minute and put them in the affected area, the heat of the skin is released and therefore removes the pain.


Thanks to its cooling properties the tomato is ideal to help the burns heal and recover quickly.

Take a few tomatoes and slice them, leave them at least 1 minute in cool water and then place in the affected area them as long as you can and once you remove them, wash the affected area with fresh cold water.

These are the easiest and fastest home remedies for burns that everybody should know to take into practice when the unfortunate time arrives.

Please note that it is important to note that these are for minor burns on the skin. If you or any other person suffers a more severe burn, please go to the emergency room as these home remedies for burns are not safe or effective to treat the burn.

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