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Egg Diet: Is it A Secret For Weight Loss?

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There are many ways to make a good egg diet recipe and many are available online. They are a good source of protein and a healthy dose of nutrition. Before we get into the pros and cons of an egg diet we need to understand the nutrients that come with each egg. (1)

Eggs and Nutrition

In order to get the best nutrition out of eggs, we need to ensure we cook them properly to avoid food poisoning. Buying eggs from a known supplier is mandatory, as is checking the expiration date.

A large egg comes with nearly 80 calories. The egg white is considered the most nutritious part. But a whole egg comes with some essential nutrients:


Proteins are important for the daily functioning of the body. A diet poor in protein can lead to a slower metabolism which can affect functions like losing or gaining weight.

Protein is also an important source of energy and people with physical activity need more protein than those with sedentary activities.

Protein sustains muscle growth and is included in the diets of athletes or sports professionals. Bones and joints are also affected by diets low in protein.

Protein-deficient diets can lead to loss of muscle mass and as we age our body tends to lose muscle mass faster as the protein synthesis gets slower due to the slower metabolism.

Vitamins A, B2, B12 and D

Vitamin A is known for its major health benefits. It has major benefits in the healthiness of the eyes.

Beta-carotene also promotes the healthiness of the immune system. As a powerful antioxidant, it can prevent some types of illnesses.

Vitamin B2 has a major role in combating anemia and fatigue. People with low levels of B2 Vitamin can suffer from a slow metabolism, but it can also affect their mental health in the form of mood swings, anxiety or even depression.

Vitamin B 12 plays an important role in the healthiness of the bones and joints. Vitamin B 12 deficiency has been linked to mental health issues also, they include memory loss, mood changes, anxiety, and depression. Vitamin D is well known for its major benefits in bone strengthening. Vitamin D is widely available in milk.


Folate has been increasingly researched over the past few years. It has been linked to several benefits, especially in new-born babies.

Healthy Folate levels have a major role in developing organs. As the child grows, healthy Folate levels are necessary for proper development. In adults, Folate helps fight against anemia.


Iodine is an essential mineral for the Thyroid hormones. Iodine deficiency can affect these hormones and lead to depression, headaches, menstrual problems, recurrent infections, brain fog, constipation, etc.

Together with fish or cranberries, eggs are a good source of Iodine.

Egg Diet for Losing Weight

Egg Diet for dish for weight loss

Losing weight should not be about starvation or uncontrolled calorie deficit. It should not be a fast process as many advertisers tell us.

Losing weight should be a combination of proper, healthy, nutrition, at or below your daily caloric needs, with a moderate exercise routine.

Why standard egg-based meals won`t work for losing weight?

There are many egg diet plans online. Some are paid while others are free. However, you should stay away from any diet which heavily focuses on a single type of food, eggs included.

You can`t eat eggs all day and expect to live a healthy life. The foundation of any diet or sustainable meal plan is to have a varied food source.

This being said, you can include eggs in your daily breakfast. You can opt or a healthy way of cooking eggs. Boiled eggs or poached eggs are some of the best alternatives when cooking a healthy breakfast.

As eggs are a good source of protein you can combine them with fruits or oats for a carbohydrate source.

The lunch should be a complex meal which should keep you going through the day.

You can have eggs again for dinner. Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. General digestion can be enhanced by making sure you drink plenty of water.

On the second day, you can rotate eggs and incorporate them into lunch. It would be a good idea to include some other nutrients as well.

Green vegetables are always a good option and even some fruits like grapefruit.

An Egg Diet For Gaining Weight

Hard boiled eggs for weight loss

Eggs can come as a good protein, vitamin, and minerals source as mentioned above. They can work very well for people looking to gain healthy weight and muscle size.

It can be digested quicker than meats which makes it one of the top choices for a quick and nutrient food source.

You can boil eggs for breakfast and lunch without having to worry about the cholesterol levels unless your doctor specifically says otherwise.

There have been many myths regarding cholesterol levels and eggs. Unless you have high cholesterol levels in your blood, you would benefit more from eating eggs than processed food which can come with high amounts of saturated fats.

You should avoid raw eggs as they can cause food poisoning. You can use a free online calculator to determine your daily protein needs according to your height, weight, and goal.

There are 10-13 grams of protein in an egg. You could include up to 50% of your daily protein intake from eggs.

One of the best principles to work with while looking for an egg diet is to ensure you are not limiting your entire protein intake from one source.

You can diversify with meats, soy, milk or cheese. When it comes to losing or gaining weight the basic principles apply: eat a diversified menu for the best results.

Eggs are a great source of proteins, vitamins, Iodine and Folate. However, eating large amounts of eggs will not actually do anything in terms of benefiting the body.

There is a limit to what your body can process every day when it comes to protein and you need to calculate what that limit is and build your weekly menu around it.

Ideally, you want a sustainable long-term approach to nutrition instead of the 3-week diet. This egg diet should be added to the rotation of your other diets as a compliment.

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