Diet Water Benefits and Weight Loss

diet water for weight loss

Maybe you’re wondering if diet water is a legit way for weight loss? Well, diet water is just a type of new water product. On the other hand, dieting with water is great for weight loss. There are some studies that have researched the intended connection between weight loss and water diet.

According to the study of Virginia Tech that completed in 2010 stated that the dieters who maintained a calorie-controlled diet along with 2 glasses of water before starting each meal for the purpose of weight loss became successful in losing more weight compared to those non-water drinkers.

Water includes no calories, no cholesterol, or no fat as well as this is low in sodium. Also, water is known as nature’s appetite suppressant plus supports the body to metabolize fat.

What is Diet Water?

Diet water is “a thing now a day ” in the health and fitness industry. It’s a water product pretty much like vitamin water that contains vitamins, added sodium, and other minerals, but these diet water products have a special peptide compound that is supposed to enter your bloodstream faster and help you get hydrated in a shorter period of time.

Diet Water Brands or Types Examples.

  • Sapporo Diet Water
  • Skinny Diet Water
  • Fitness Diet Water

Benefits of Drinking Just Natural Water

High water consumption can reduce the fat deposits of our body. According to the research of the University of Birmingham, people who drank 470ml of water before their meals successfully lost more pounds compared to those who did not take any additional water.

The process of burning fat needs a sufficient supply of water to operate effectively, and water supports the body to metabolize as well as burn fat.

So, dieting with water is very important to lose weight and keep our body healthy. When you start water dieting, you will also experience the following benefits-

Eliminates Toxins

Water dieting helps to eliminate toxins through the process of urination. Water transports essential nutrients to the cells as well as prevents dehydration.

According to a study, dehydration can cause someone to consume more.

Helps to Avoid High Kilojoules Drinks

We are always interested in drinking high kilojoule soft drinks, flavored juices, milk coffee, milkshake, and flavored teas.

This intention makes our body unhealthy and helps to gain extra pounds. When you follow a water diet, you become able to avoid those high kilojoule drinks. You drink water instead of them, so you don’t have an addiction to them.

As a result, your body stays away from those weight gaining drinks, and you get a healthy body.

Improves Kidney Function

Without water, our bodies will not function properly. Water improves kidney function.

Keeps Your Tummy Healthy

healthy tummy

If you always feel weak, bloated, exhausted and clogged up, then a water diet can be a good option for you.

Having water-based salad and vegetables in your diet helps to keep your digestive tract healthy and prevent the abdominal bloat. So, you don’t become tired and bloated.

Manages Hyperacidity plus Gastric Membrane Inflammation

How to Follow a Water Diet

It is highly advised to maintain a healthy and balanced diet at the time of following the water diet.

It will support to adjust the total amount of water that is entering the body plus also the total amount of water that is emerging from the body through sweat.

It needs to be perceived that this adjustment stimulates the process of burning fats as well as enables the liver to deal efficiently with those unwanted fats.

Drink a minimum of 2 liters of water every day. Drink water at any time, particularly between the meals. When you drink a glass of water before starting a meal, you feel less hungry.

This forces you to eat less at mealtimes. According to a most recent study that was conducted by scientists from Virginia Tech, obese people who drank 2 cups of water for 3 months lost approximately 15.5 pounds than those who did not take water before their meal.

Every hour, drink a minimum of 500ml to 1 liter of water. Don’t forget to do some exercises to boost your weight loss process.

You can plan for running, swim or lightweight training in the fitness center. Avoid fatty foods or calorie-rich foods, food additives, and preservatives.

Eat lots of fresh green vegetables and fresh fruits. Also, consume chicken, nuts, beans, legumes, etc to balance your daily nutrition.

That means you have to keep the diet very simple with fresh foods.

We are likely to eat those high calories, junk foods such as burgers, pizza with cheese.

We can not control our cravings when we become hungry before a meal. We think this is just for today.

We will not consume them again tomorrow. However, tomorrow never comes! We start gaining pounds day by day.

When you start following a water diet, you stay well-hydrated. You don’t feel hungry. So, you become able to avoid those high-fat foods.

It helps to control your weight. You don’t need to stop drinking water once you reach your desired weight as the body requires to ten cups of water a day to keep the weight you gained.

Some people think that drinking water can force them to go to the bathroom every hour. However, this is totally wrong.

When you stay on a water diet, your body adjusts to the increased fluid consumption very fast. So, you will feel much better as well as you don’t need to run to the bathroom regularly.

The Water Diet is basically a well balanced healthy diet. You need to follow the diet for at least 30 days to get the best.

If you can stay on the water diet for a long period, you will notice a remarkable change in your body weight and health.


  • There have been few reports in current years about individuals becoming very sick from drinking excess water. This is called Water intoxication. Usually, this condition is observed in infants who are under 6 months of age plus also in athletes. The condition is- when a dehydrated person starts drinking excess water without accompanying body electrolytes.
  • The kidneys of an average healthy adult are able to process approximately 15 liters of water every day! So, if you don’t follow this and drink excess, then you are likely to suffer from water intoxication.
  • Don’t drink too much water at one time. Drink an adequate amount at one time and then wait for 1 to 2 hours to drink your next glass.
  • Drinking only adequate water can not be the replacement for a healthy, balanced diet. So, you must consume green fresh vegetables and fruits to maintain your proper physical activity.

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